Sunday, 29 August 2010

Catch up

Hey readers

I am gonna start my blog again after the 2nd time I think of saying I will start again but this time hopefully I will keep posting again.

Its been a year (and a bit) since my last post and things have gotten a lot better. With the house being redecorated the family has been busy and busy with other stuff in life this looks like it will be fun.

With summer coming to an end it has been great fun this year, Going to Baseline Summer Jam, A youth camp with paint balling, going to the beach, tribal wars (Its a big water fight) and a lot of fun this made my summer a great time. When we came back from Baseline Summer Jam we went out for a wonderful meal out and my normal life (If you can call it normal) went on.

With my little brother William's birthday on in June it was a good time but a shame I was on crutches at the time as well but didn't stop me joining the Water fight we had for his party. It was good fun but I ended up on the crutches for a bit longer but I wasn't gonna ruin his birthday by just sitting outside and not joining his birthday party so I didn't mind I was putting him first to make him happy on his birthday. So we had good fun there and my littlest brother Jonathan's birthday in June as well we had fun as well with some of his friends over. Its just been a good year so far and from what we have planned its just getting better and better :).

With me on the film set as well as part of the crew for a new film being made - its not big just with some friend I know for a film club but it has been real fun working on set and that its just been so great, the summer, and just gets better all the time.

Well that's all for now readers I will write another post soon bye!