Monday, 29 October 2007

Friends phones and toilets

Hello Readers

On Thursday I had a Friend from our church over for dinner and stayed all evening and we had fun.

On Friday I got a new mobile phone nokia 6230. I played on the games, took photos and videoed my family until they ask my to stop then they YELLED! at me to stop.

On Saturday we did nothing absolutely nothing.

On Sunday we went to church and the clocks went back at 2 o'clock. I went to see my uncle's new house.

And to day I doing my blog, my cousin came over and my toilet has a crack all the way round it. Josh went to the teens bowling.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Birthday Weekend

Hello Readers

Sorry I have not posted for a while but it's been a busy week.

On Sunday I went up to Sheffield and went to a park with 2 Friend's.

William bumped his head on a tyre swing/see-saw thing and had to go to hospital with my Dad and one of the friends went with him.

On Monday we had breakfast at Little chef and head straight to the National Space Centre.

It was great.

There was a weather station, a simulator, an about planet's section, a copy of the Columbus module of the International space center, and a theatre. Josh and dad saw a 3D movie in the theatre whilst Mum, William and I was at the weather forecast part.

We stayed at the National Space Centre all day until 4.30.

On Tuesday it was Joshua's 12th birthday we had some friends over and we went to Beckenham Cinema and watched Ratatouille. If it was rated 0-100, I would put it at 100/100 because it was funny and cool.

Friday, 12 October 2007

6 day post

Hello Readers


Today I did well nothing to be honest so I don't really have anything to say.


Today I went to Church and when I got home I was going to have a friend over.

My dad went to get him when I got home.

He stayed over for 5 hours.


Today I went to an art class in lenham and made eyes and made them out of salt dough.

I got to take some home after it.


Today I went to monkey bizz again which I told you about on outing day 2.


I did some thing called education city and I played a game called Patrician III on 2 player.


I did the same thing as yesterday - education city and played Patrician III on 2 player again.


Today I spent all afternoon typing this post for you.

Josh also went to Danson park but I stayed at home because it was raining.

Friday, 5 October 2007

outing day 3

Hello Readers

Today Me and my family went to Danson park so Josh could go sailing and the and the rest of my family went to the play area there and with the young children came as well.

we were there for 2 houres.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Work day

Hello readers

Today I found 2 of my old learning book's.

It was my Religon and Maths book.

In my Religon book there is one page of my self, 2 pages of skills, one page of the Creation, 1 page of Jesus, 2 pages of what I think Heaven looks like, one page my favourite birthday, one page of advent, 2 pages of the storyof Jesus, 1 page of my favourite person, 2 page of friends, 1 page of a story, 2 page of good news, 1 page of good choices, 1 page of bad choices and 1 page of prayer.

Today I made my blog.

Now I know this sounds confusing but it's true I did but I decided to go back to the 18th of septemder and started.

I also done some more of my Maths upgrade

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Learning Day

Hello Readers

Today I played with my railway which I have kept you in touch with for the last 2 post's but I had to tidy it up today.

So it has been out for 3 day's now.

I went on the computer the same time as my mum and chatted with her on Yahoo chat.

Today as well I got these map things which you can look up anywhere near where you live but it only goes from Gravesend to Greenwich.

Mum found me this Learning Upgrade thing which has a math upgrade which I am on level 2 now, which was comparisons.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Indoor day

Hello readers

Remember yesterday how I wrote about the city game, well my mum let me keep it out again.

I played with it again all day because it was an inside day for us because it was raining.

You know I told you about my Nan's early birthday dinner last Thursday, well it is her proper birthday today.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Play Day

Hello readers

Today I set up a game which is a city and transport one.

I have an underground system and above railway with houses, shops and Industrial.

I have played with it all day and my mum said I can keep it out for Tomorrow to play with as well.

There was a new tv program called The Sarh jane advencher