Friday, 5 October 2007

outing day 3

Hello Readers

Today Me and my family went to Danson park so Josh could go sailing and the and the rest of my family went to the play area there and with the young children came as well.

we were there for 2 houres.


dawniy said...

Samuel look we're sorted , maybe you might like to be one of our first members ?
Our Space Blogring
We’ve made a blog ring where our young people of any age can keep in touch with each other.
We will need a permission email from a parent for anyone under the age of 14.
This Blogring will not be advertised outside of our blogging community.
Only Lana and dawniy can add blogs to this ring and will be checking our younger people are safe.
Please visit us at for details of how to join.

GlitteryLana said...

hiya samuel, thank you for going our blogring the code has been sent to your email address

Dawniy and Lana

PrincessReader said...

My name's Amber!
I love your blog! I just thought I'd tell you that your My lego page link isn't working. I think you've put too many 'http's in the link.

dawniy said...

hiya Sammuel ,
My name is lana i am dawniy daugter
Welcome to the ring :)
just thought i would say hi
Lana x