Thursday, 25 October 2007

Birthday Weekend

Hello Readers

Sorry I have not posted for a while but it's been a busy week.

On Sunday I went up to Sheffield and went to a park with 2 Friend's.

William bumped his head on a tyre swing/see-saw thing and had to go to hospital with my Dad and one of the friends went with him.

On Monday we had breakfast at Little chef and head straight to the National Space Centre.

It was great.

There was a weather station, a simulator, an about planet's section, a copy of the Columbus module of the International space center, and a theatre. Josh and dad saw a 3D movie in the theatre whilst Mum, William and I was at the weather forecast part.

We stayed at the National Space Centre all day until 4.30.

On Tuesday it was Joshua's 12th birthday we had some friends over and we went to Beckenham Cinema and watched Ratatouille. If it was rated 0-100, I would put it at 100/100 because it was funny and cool.

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