Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Weekend Duty

Yesterday my mum was out all day at a meeting for home education and she met the Prime Minister (yes the prime minister!).

I was the 1st one up (I got the remote control so I got to chose the programme!).

When I was done I went to see my nan and watched a programme with her.

Then William came down and had his breakfast and watched the programme with us.

Then Josh of couse.

Later on after lunch I watched batman for 3 hours then I watched a programme called kellys heoros from 5pm to 8pm.

Today I went to my church with my family at 10.30am to 12pm.

My mum and Josh left church before my Dad,William and Me.

When I left the church we found Josh halfway up the street because mum got locked out our house because she didn't have our keys, but Dad did.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Two day post

Yesterday I went out with my nan for her birthday (early birthday dinner) at Sidcup place.

Today I made shortbread again to take down to my church for a coffee and cake sale to raise money for the cancer support nurses.

Josh went to Danson Park where he does his kayaking with the home ed kids.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Viewing Day

I had a friend come over after lunch to play all afternoon today.

Then after dinner at 7pm on channel 4 news was the home ed piece which you have read about earlier on in my blog and all of that work had paid off.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Outing Day 2

Today I went to Monkey Bizz. It is an indoor play area. It is where all the HE kids meet and play (of course!).

If you're in Kent and you have just started home ed and want to come here is the link to join us .

We go on a Tuesday every fortnight.

There is a toddlers zone for 0's to 5's and 5's to 12's called monkey maze (if you want to leave a cheeky comment about that you may!).

In the monkey maze there is a ball pit, three slides (one slide leads to the ball pit and the other one leads right next to a ladder and one which has bumps and it leads to the other side of the monkey maze at the front), spooky room, 8 ladders, crawl spaces, holes which you climb through, big ball pit, there is a giant crocodile which you can play with, and then there are these big balls on a rope which you can swing on, and another one which is white and you can swing on. There is a big football pit with a bit like a basket ball, and a goal right at the front. Then there are some spinney bits and ropes which you can swing on. Also a seasaw kind of thing.

It was also my Uncle's birthday today.

A friend came over to play and for dinner.

Monday, 24 September 2007

News Day

Today I had a tv crew from channel 4 news over and they shot a film of life as a home educated kid. Here is a link to channel 4 news and you can watch the film from there.

They were here for more than three hours. They filmed me making my shortbread so now I can say I'm a tv chef! They also filmed Josh writing his blog and William drawing then we went to the library.

By the way Josh is my older brother. He's nearly 12. Will is my younger brother. He's 5 and has Aspergers like my dad and me.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Outing Day

Hello readers

Today I went to Godstone farm.

First we went straight to a big outside play area for 2 houres including lunch and played a huge game all the time.

2 houres later we went of from the play part of the farm and went to look at the animals next but after about 40 animals the other children soor the inside play area and rushed straightto it.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ouch Day

Hello readers

Me and Will was out in our garden looking for treasure.

So we dug a hole in our garden at the back to find it while Josh was at a teen's bowling hangout.

So when Josh got back from bowling I asked if he wanted to help because of how he was out and I wasent (technically I was out but you know whot I mean) but he did not want to but My dad said he had to play with Me but I said if he dosen't want's to then he dosen't have to but he diden't listen to Me.

So Josh came out to help me then so did Will and,something bad happened (You might have read it in Josh's blog),Will got a garden fork in his foot and had to rush to hospital straight away.

So as Will was beening got in the car Josh was angry at him hiting at him self (which mum says not to) while Nan was trying to calm him down.

Finally thay got home at 10pm and it was good to now that he dident break any bones like I did when I fell of the monkey bars.