Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Weekend Duty

Yesterday my mum was out all day at a meeting for home education and she met the Prime Minister (yes the prime minister!).

I was the 1st one up (I got the remote control so I got to chose the programme!).

When I was done I went to see my nan and watched a programme with her.

Then William came down and had his breakfast and watched the programme with us.

Then Josh of couse.

Later on after lunch I watched batman for 3 hours then I watched a programme called kellys heoros from 5pm to 8pm.

Today I went to my church with my family at 10.30am to 12pm.

My mum and Josh left church before my Dad,William and Me.

When I left the church we found Josh halfway up the street because mum got locked out our house because she didn't have our keys, but Dad did.


Fiona said...

Hi Samuel

This is Fiona(of Fiona and Theo). I like the details on your blog and we noticed your shortbread on TV.

Love, Fiona

Wobblymoo said...

Brilliant Samuel, great job you've done here, Ill be back