Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ouch Day

Hello readers

Me and Will was out in our garden looking for treasure.

So we dug a hole in our garden at the back to find it while Josh was at a teen's bowling hangout.

So when Josh got back from bowling I asked if he wanted to help because of how he was out and I wasent (technically I was out but you know whot I mean) but he did not want to but My dad said he had to play with Me but I said if he dosen't want's to then he dosen't have to but he diden't listen to Me.

So Josh came out to help me then so did Will and,something bad happened (You might have read it in Josh's blog),Will got a garden fork in his foot and had to rush to hospital straight away.

So as Will was beening got in the car Josh was angry at him hiting at him self (which mum says not to) while Nan was trying to calm him down.

Finally thay got home at 10pm and it was good to now that he dident break any bones like I did when I fell of the monkey bars.

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