Monday, 7 July 2008

Long Post

Hello Readers

Sorry I've not posted in a while Ive had a busy weak.

On Friday last week Josh went and done his last of his level 2 Kayaking course.
Then we got in the car and drove up to Leek for 4 days.

When we got in to Congelton (that's next to Leek).
We had dinner at 7 o'clock (yes 7) and went to a restaurant.
As you can see I had a pint (laugh laugh).

Then we went to the house we were staying at.

On Saturday we went to Rudyard Lake for a couple of hours and then we went to this big co-op in Leek and went back to the house.

In the afternoon we went to this canal and the people who own the boat let myself Josh and Will on the boat to the next lock.

Then we went back to the house and Dad got us a chinese takeaway while we watched Dr Who.

On Sunday my Dad went to the station to collect a friend called Fiona and she stayed all day and before she went we went for a walk.

On Monday we went to Tittesworth Reservoir.
For lunch I had my favorite food millionaires shortbread - they are delicious.
But before we did that we went into the playgroud and played for about an hour.
After that we went to the Roaches and played on the rocks .

On Tusday we went to Jodrell bank and Mum and Josh went to see the 3D movie for 20 minutes .
For the everning meal we went to the place we went to on Friday and I enjoyed the meal.
On Wednesday the journey home was ok hardly any traffic at all.

Anyway I hope you like Dr Who because it's finished (wwwwwaaaaaaaa) and if you like Dr Who then please leave a comment and tell me what your favourite Dr Who episode was.
Mine were the two last episodes.

On Sunday we went to church and on the same day it was my Dad's birthday (helpppppp) he tortured us...
(OK I was just joking) he didn't.
(hur?) that's not like him.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Will's Party

Hello Readers

Yes I know that your thinking that I said we went away on Will's birthday so when we came home on Wednesday we said to all our Friends that we are having a party for Will on Friday.

So when Friday came we had a big party (OK not that big just two friends came but it was fun).

Will had a great time. His presents were doctor who stickers, doctor who judoon head, doctor who in space suit and space ship, Lego star wars sets (Clone troopers and rebels set) , a scooter to stop him nagging me to have a turn on my one, doctor who micro universe figures including (the doctor in long coat, dalek sec, clockwork man, 2 k-9, assault dalek and krillitane man that was long) and then we went to the park up the hill from us.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Outings and Church

Hello Readers

On Tuesday I went to Monkey Bizz and played all afternoon.

On Saturday We got the new Lego Indiana Jones game for PC and played all day.

On Sunday I went to church and someone was being baptised and there was lots of guests .

Then I came home and Josh and my Dad went to Leicester Square for the day for the lego road show and me and Will went to play our Indiana Jones game.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

sailing and sun

Morning readers

On Tuesday I went sailing and i fell in (not funny) i got trapped under the sail and sore a gap between the bow and sail.

When i came back from sailing i went out side and played all the time.

Today I'm going on a picnic in highelms.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Wierd Week

Hello readers

On Wednesday last week we went to The Historic dockyard at Chatham.

On Friday I had a friend come over.

Today my Mum found a baby fox in are garden. My Mum said "different way to start the 1st of may".

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

computer game

Hello Readers

This post is about a computer game called stronghold.

If you have this game please e-mail my mum to play online with each other.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hello Readers

On Monday I went to a Friends house and staid for the morning.

We went in to the garden and played on a trampoline and we went up to the park.

Yesterday I went to an over Friends house and played with Lego, table football, toy food and daleks.

We went in to there garden and played on a claiming frame.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

long time no speak

Hello Readers

Sorry I've not posted in a while. I have been busy.

I'm 10 now and I had a great birthday. I got loads of presents including doctor who cult of scaro, new scooter, army helicoptertop trumps doctor who, doctor who mini figures, some money etc.

I'm on the club penguin called bruce 129. I go on belly slide.

My dad is working with Touch-type Read and Spell computer course.

In another post I will give you the link for the website.

Monday, 14 January 2008

tag post

Helo readers

Happy new year and sorry I havent posted for a while, it's been a busy week.

This post is about a tag on my blog here are the questions:

7 fave movies:
The santa clause christmas collection
Mr.Bean's Holiday
The Star Wars Series.

7 fave songs
I can not think of any.

7 things you're good at
I can not think of any thing.

7 things you can't do,

7 things you want to do when you're older
train driver,
business man

7 people you are gonna tag with this!,
Life, the Universe, and Home Education,
Pixie's Blog,