Friday, 4 July 2008

Will's Party

Hello Readers

Yes I know that your thinking that I said we went away on Will's birthday so when we came home on Wednesday we said to all our Friends that we are having a party for Will on Friday.

So when Friday came we had a big party (OK not that big just two friends came but it was fun).

Will had a great time. His presents were doctor who stickers, doctor who judoon head, doctor who in space suit and space ship, Lego star wars sets (Clone troopers and rebels set) , a scooter to stop him nagging me to have a turn on my one, doctor who micro universe figures including (the doctor in long coat, dalek sec, clockwork man, 2 k-9, assault dalek and krillitane man that was long) and then we went to the park up the hill from us.

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