Thursday, 4 October 2007

Work day

Hello readers

Today I found 2 of my old learning book's.

It was my Religon and Maths book.

In my Religon book there is one page of my self, 2 pages of skills, one page of the Creation, 1 page of Jesus, 2 pages of what I think Heaven looks like, one page my favourite birthday, one page of advent, 2 pages of the storyof Jesus, 1 page of my favourite person, 2 page of friends, 1 page of a story, 2 page of good news, 1 page of good choices, 1 page of bad choices and 1 page of prayer.

Today I made my blog.

Now I know this sounds confusing but it's true I did but I decided to go back to the 18th of septemder and started.

I also done some more of my Maths upgrade


Roarke said...

Samuel, I am so proud of you and how you are writing this blog.
Keep it up! It's nice to find out what you are up to when I am not around. Dad

Wobblymoo said...

You're doing a great job Samuel, I'm very impressed

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you manage to write so many post in one day!!!! I love posting too, and it's nice to know someone is reading it in a way... better than a paper diary.
Thank goodness for blogging!

Fiona said...

Hi Samuel, Love from Fiona

Jenny said...

wonderful Blog Samuel! If it is ok with you I will show my Son and maybe he will want to try blogging too!

dawniy said...

hello samuel
I am so sorry you tried to join the blog ring and it didn't let you.
I am trying my best to sort a blog ring that will let all our young people join. Lana had the same bother. watch this space :)

Tricks said...

Hello Samuel,
I have just read your blog and I especially like the part where you say you found your religious study book, I would love to see your picture of what you think Heaven is like, perhaps you could bring it to the Art Class sometime, or draw another one when you are there.
You are so clever at this, I have only just started my own blog and I am finding it hard so well done, see you at the Art Class Tricia