Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Learning Day

Hello Readers

Today I played with my railway which I have kept you in touch with for the last 2 post's but I had to tidy it up today.

So it has been out for 3 day's now.

I went on the computer the same time as my mum and chatted with her on Yahoo chat.

Today as well I got these map things which you can look up anywhere near where you live but it only goes from Gravesend to Greenwich.

Mum found me this Learning Upgrade thing which has a math upgrade which I am on level 2 now, which was comparisons.


thenewstead6 said...

Great blog! I'm really proud of you. Mum xx

Vinod said...

Great to hear you have started Math Upgrade! Each level is different and the levels get more challenging as you move up.

Good luck,
Learning Upgrade team