Wednesday, 21 November 2007

busy week

Hello Readers

On Sunday I went to see my Dad's office and went to church and my Mum, Dad and baby brother Jonathan went up to Sheffield for an EO meeting which was on Monday and stayed at a travellodge for one night and went to a Friend's flat for dinner.

While my Mum, Dad and Jonathan was on their way to Sheffield me and my brother William was on the computer on a game called Lego StarWars ll The original trilogy which I would rate it 5 stars if I could reach them(Ha Ha Ha) and played an old game called Risk which is a very good game.

On Monday my Mum went to the EO meting and I played Risk all day. My Mum, Dad and baby brother Jonathan came home at 7.30.

On Tusday it was an indoor day.

Today I wrote my blog and stayed indoor.


Sarah said...

Hi Samuel

I like Risk too, but it's so complicated LOL. I've commented on you're brothers blog as well. I'm Sarah and I have a blog too.


The Woollie Blog said...


My brother has that game and I have played it. It's very good!