Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Time

Hello Readers

This post is about CHRISTMAS!

We got loads of presents and it was very fun because I got a lazer trip wire set and Joshua got the new Transformers DVD.

I also got High School Musical 2 and the Santa Clause collection on DVD. I got a spy gear shadow set that has binoculars which you can push a lever on and one big light comes out and then if you pull the other one on the other side it makes a little light switch on. Then in the shadow set there is also a little light which you can press this button and it makes a little red light. There is a motion sensor.

I got some clothes from Nan, my own briefcase, an in and out tray for all my business papers, I also got my own pen and pencil organiser. I got Cars Lightening McQueen duplo builder thing, an Electro-Mag thing which is like Hot Wires and made by John Adams. I got my own Captain Underpants 4 book collection and lots of other stuff which I won't list because it would take half a day.

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