Saturday, 15 December 2007


Hello Reader's

Remember In a post I said about santa's secret toy factory well been there done that ate the gingerbread (ha ha ha boom boom sorry I watch a lot of basil brush).

While we were there we met real huskies and there were also some traditional story telling in inuit tents. But the first thing that we did when we got there was to go into the toy factory and we had to make wooden puzzles. Then we went into the gingerbread house and got to make our own gingerbread men (Dad wanted to eat all of it so we had to eat it quick!)

Then we went out to explore the place. We saw real live reindeer but we didn't see Rudolph!

They had fake snow there and our Dad thought that it was foam but it wasn't it was home made snow.

We saw Father Christmas who said that he remembered my Mum and that she was very naughty as a little girl! He actually knew what we liked and we were puzzled but he did get one thing wrong about me because he said I liked space but I don't. One of his elves liked little baby Jonathan and wanted to take him home. My mum refused and said no.

There is a picture of us on the right where you can see all of us and Father Christmas.

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